Who Do You Call for Introduction to Machine Learning?

I had just completed the 2nd meetup session for my shining crispy meetup group called "Python Youth" . It's aims to was promote Python programming and their related technologies to people who has little to no background in computer programming to do something with Python.

The meetup was a hands on session which was conducted by my friend Dr Yeo Wee Kiang to teach the basics of Machine Learning on supervised and unsupervised learning using Python through the use of the Kaggle platform. It's a machine learning paradise where hobbyists & data scientist alike to showcase their work or compete in Data Science competitions using the datasets on the platform. 

It was amazing turn out and we even had great testimonials as well on the after the meetup session. Many were actually looking for hands on sessions like this but wasn't able to find it. So i hope with my Python Youth meetup group i hope to be able to address this problem

Python Youth Testimonial