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Hey there here's the list of resources & affiliates that I believe is great for any developers learning to become a better developer in a startup using Python to build products or services to scale.

Affiliate Links

  • ActiveCampaign - My go to for managing my email and sending my weekly newsletter to my tribe. If you do not have please set one up as soon as possible.
  • Linode - Simple and easy Linux cloud provider. Which I use it to deploy my various web applications or anything that is simple for anyone to use. Which has worked quite well so far for me.
  • Grammarly - It's part of what I had been using for my blog post and articles. This has proven to be real life saver when writing to some.
  • RescueTime - I had been using it for a very long time to track my time and know where I had spend my time. It has helped me to be more mindful of what I should spend my time as years goes by.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Helps to paint a picture on how do you want to live your own financial life to choose between safety or security or a life of 4 green houses and 1 red hotel. This opens up discussions on how to raise your finanical intelligence and not be a average investor.

Extreme Ownership

What I like about extreme ownership is that it paints a picture of taking responsibilies and ownership of the things that happen to you when you fuckup and not just because you were succesful in excuting something. To learn to point fingers at yourself to remove obstacles that lead to failure both directly or indirectly.

Can't Hurt Me

One of the most highly motivational and biography of David Goggins that I recommand for anyone with self doubts and come from a low social economic background.

The 48 Laws of Power

If you hate office politics get this book. I can never stress this enough on the need to read this. Especially if you plan to work in a enterprise, startup, large organisation. You need to be a player of the age old game of kings, nobles and politicans. To avoid being taken to the cleaners without knowing why it happened to you.

Obstacle is the Way

Reading this help to focus on the creation process and to do regardless you feel like it or not. With stories of various people's lives focusing on their obsession in honing their craft to create work that they are proud of regardless the circumstances that is holding you back.


It talks about the apprentice to mentor relationship. How to seek mentors that can help guide you the way. It always helps to allow you to mantain a life long deep relationship with your mentor while stepping out of their shadows. To become a true master on taking risk for yourself while honing your craft.

One Page Marketing

It talks about creating your own one page marketing plan for your business or your startup. To focus on building this one page marketing canvas to form your the marketing stratergy. Which you execute for your products or services to bring in the money instead.

Clean Code

My goto book that focus on the philosphy of writing quality code and understandable code for mantaintability as a developer.

The Prgamatic Programmer 2nd Edition

This is the book that started to dive deeper to becoming a great developer so that I can build things that last and of high quality as a developer. I would recommand it for anyone who is just starting out.

Clean Code : A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

One of the best book that I will recommend that teach you to learn to write code that is understandable and easy to read.

The Lean Startup

If your looking to jump into startups, this is one of the book to have a understanding of how to create products or services in a startup.

How To Win Friends & Influence People

Despite it might be dated, it's one of the best soft skills book you can get for learning to become a better communicator.

Zero to One

Provides the mindset and what to look for in a disruptive an innovative startups that wants to become a monopoly in their niche.

Debugging Teams

One of the books that i revist again and again for learning to create a great tech culture for a startup and to include processes to build HRT (humility, Respect & Trust) culture in the company or organisation.

Remote Work

It talks about the tips and tricks one needs to adopt as a remote worker. Find ways to secure remote work arrangement. Setting boundaries to allow you to focus on mantaining your sanity, health and producivity as a remote worker.

The 4 Hour Work Week

It is the gateway drug that got me started towards entrepreneurship as well being me reading tons of books besides me becoming a tech person.

Crushing It

If you are a influncer or content creator, I would ask you to beg, steal, borrow or lend it. As it plays a part of who I had become as both a content creator and influncer.

On Writing Well

Most of what I learn about writing comes from this book which allowed me to absorb and upgrade my skills as a communicator and content creator. I would highly recommend anyone to study it if you are a developer or content creator.


Master of Scale

Created by Reid Hoffman the co-founder of Linkedin and Greylock partner. Introduces a lot of concepts to scale a startup from zero to a unicorn.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Covers networking and soft skills that is useful for developers to eventually becoming tech leads or tech entrepreneur.

Software Engineering Daily

My constant updates of the latest and greatest software engineering practices or technology trends happening in our industry.

Talk Python To Me

Provides the latest happens in the world python and it is used to create product or services or just teach using python.

Breaking Into Startups

If you want to get into the startup world and wants become developer without CS background. You must listen to this podcast as it offers tips and tricks on how to be from zero to hero as a developer for a startup.


This gives a weekly dose of useful and informative insights into the projects, platforms, and practices that engineers, business leaders, and data scientists need to know about to learn and grow in their career as a Python developer.

YouTube Channels

Coding for Entrepreneurs

Coding for Entrepreneurs offers a bunch of awesome Python & Django web development tutorials, I learnt my Django skills by using his's Try Django Series

Chris Hawkes

I love Chris Hawkes for his authentic and down to earth videos in Python, *Web Development & everything related to becoming a better developer.

Simple Programmer

John Sonmez focus on the skills, knowleadge, howtos and the no bullshit videos on soft skills, careers to become a better developer that earns awesome salary.

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