Max is a life enhancer for technology and entrepreneurship. Which seeks to blend both to build innovative products or services for the world to solve hard problems.

He is currently the Chief Techology Officer for Codesurance that seeks to help startups to build their technical capabilities for their business.

He is the organising team for Junior Developers Singapore (JuniorDev SG) and Vice-President of the Python User Group Singapore.

Max has a following of 35,000+ followers from Dev.To & Codementor within the developer community on Startup, Web Development and Python.

He's one of the founding team member for Project DUST. Which provides a 3 months programme. To teach differerently abled individuals to learn to create websites using the low code platform called Webflow. To businesses that is affected by Covid-19 to increase their sales and build a audience online.

While he is not spending his time reading manga or watching anime or youtube. He is often founded listening to podcasts, reading books and heading to museums. To enrich his mind to help solve problems.


Max is currently taking the Google Cloud Techology course under Skills Ignition SG. With the aim to help startups and compaines to build products or services onto of cloud services like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow (UOG) in partnership with Singapore Institution of Technology (SIT). Besides that he graduated from Udacity with a React NanoDegree

Organisation & Social Groups

He currently helps as a organizing community for Junior Dev Singapore which aims to provide a platform for junior developers to share their experience and knowledge in a friendly environment so that it will upgrade the developer community.

He was involved in organising PyCon Singapore 2016, PyCon APAC 2018, PyCon SG 2019.

If you would contact me please feel free drop me a email at info@maxongzb.com.

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