Experience attending Adult Education Entrepreneur 3.0

Wow it was a amazing experience surrounded by adults of 50 people filling the room to the brim.

It was a mix bag of people ranging from adult educators, trainers, future education entrepreneurs, curriculum developers to learn to create a blended learning programme for a learning circle.

For those who doesn't know what is a learning circle. It's basically a group of learners coming together to share their knowledge between each other between the group of learners in a informal way.

You could think of it like book clubs or for programming perspective it's like a User groups for Java, Python or Linux. 

As for blended learning to me, it's more like a mixture of classroom based enviroment found in school and online learning courses platform like Coursera, Udacity, Edx.

It's purpose is to reduce the amount of classroom time but with the aim to improve engagement, scalability to multiple classes or a large amount of learners, knowledge retention for adult learners without much time.

This is especially important since the Singapore government aims to have all WSQ adult learning courses to be this type of blended learning model. 

So it comes down to this why am i attending class in this? Simple for the past 2 months i had a meetup group called  "Python Youth".

It's purpose was to address the problem with meetups groups in Singapore that doesn't cater to people without much programming experience with interest for Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development.

So on the 21st of June, i'm actually rolling out this blended learning programme to help out people to learn to use Python for Data Science purpose called "Introduction Python for Data Science"