Weekend at AngleHack Singapore 2017

Just spend a weekend with EDGE friends to try out our luck for the AngelHack hackathon. I was my 2nd try to going for this hackathon. I remembered that i had attended it about 2 years back when i was in University during that time there was a theme which was solve women empowerment in terms of financial literacy, social and afew more.

Whereas for this year, it was a free wheeling hackathon without any themes. Though they did suggest that we use some of the technologies founded to craft our products or services. 

So for my team called Locatch used the Here API to craft a location based loyalty website that allows youths to redeem promotions that is nearby in a mall or when out traveling and don't know where they could get promotions for their activities. It was quite a fun experience especially using the Here API to develop something over weekends was really interesting. We even had the opportunity to have a chat with the representative from Here that flown direct from Germany to pick his brains for insight and giving him suggestion of the local cusine or place of interest that is less touristy in Singapore.