Just won 1st prize at MIT Hacking Medicine

It was amazing weekend at the MIT Hacking Medicine SG. After 3 days and 2 nights of competition. We assembled an amazing team of engineers from Robotics, Electronics to Software and medical professionals to develop our idea for team Botler. It was really amazing and fun as this was the 3rd hackathon that i that attended after Startup Weekend, Angel Hack with actual real hardware prototypes for presenting as a team.

It was thanks to our team mate's hard work Yuan Yik for creating a actual prototype at the NTU maker space. Input of information to formulate our business plan from our medical professional Dr Mang Har, Albert, Tomo & hard efforts by Bernard to program the Toomo robot for movement and speech functionality. Where as for me i did the humble job of creating the business model, the go to market and the initial idea.

I would not have believed myself that the problems that i saw for my mum that is wheelchair bound could come up with the idea of  hooking up Toomo to the wheelchair for navigation to social events like dancing classes or just to meet up with friends for the eldery that is wheelchair bounded for mother.  

The refined idea would not have been created without the blending of minds and the common desire or interests from the team to help wheelchair bounded elderly, I shall present the team Botler's description and demo video. 

Botler integrates machine into our daily lives. It enables caregivers / parents of toddlers to easily move wheelchairs / strollers around by attaching it to a robot.

MIT Hacking Medicine is ecstatic to bring this exciting health hackathon to you on February 10-12, in the tech heaven of Singapore.

Last year 1100 innovators gathered to create disruptive solutions to healthcare. We’re hard at work to make this year’s  even better. Interested in innovating for healthcare’s pain points with the help of social robots? This is the weekend to meet, ideate, and hack with dozens of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and healthcare professionals.

Find out more: http://backend.mithackmed.com/hacking-robotics-singapore/