Don't Just Learn To Code, Learn To Create

I recently stumble across a TEDx video that actually encompasses what my actual philosophy about teaching computer programming to kids for the past 2 years at Smart Nation Coding Academy(SNCA) while i was pursuing my university degree.

The hard skills that they had learnt from being taught computer programming is the direct result of focusing on creating mindset. Through having the initial idea, they find ways to convert that idea into our actual reality.

This is  exactly the same thinking process or mindset of what our great inventors, writers, successful entrepreneurs in our society has created numerous businessness, inventions, philosophy, artworks that benefit the whole of humanity. 

Below is the video that i came across that i believe is inspiring for parents to watch to so that you could set a path for your child on the journey of creating.

Don't Just Learn To Code, Learn To Create | Justin Richards | TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC