Plotting Your Developer Path - Reading Time: 3 Mins


I think the hardest part of becoming a developer these days is the unlimed amount of choices we had on choosing one's career path as a developer.

Especially when it's 13 days to the end of this year.

I believe there will be tons of road maps on becoming x and y for the year 2020.

As well the usual career choice for graduates to prepare them for a full-time position.

What is Your Why?

Whatever path you pursue in your developer journey.

It is your why that must be greater than your obstacles.

When the rubber meets the road to transform yourself in becoming that person doing the work you plan to do.

Imagine that you had a magic wand that could instantly transform into the type of person you see yourself in a few years.

What will it look like & ask the following questions:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why does it matter so much to me?
  • What is the type of work I would be doing?
  • Would I be an independent contributor or part of the management in the company or organisation?
  • What is the type of lifestyle I will be living?

Create 3 Odyssey Plan

Now create 3 odyssey plan to allow yourself to see 3 possible futures of yourself as a Developer.

Please do not choose the type of work to be like Full-Stack, Front-end & Backend developer.

Don't fool yourself since it is just the same work with different technology.

Let me provide you with my example in my job search to plot my developer path.

  • Backend Developer - With a focus on API development, chatbot & DevOps practices for the digital transformation of companies.
  • Developer Relationship/Advocate - To create, grow, manage & add value to developer communities. By spreading awareness of the product or services that I believe in and are passionate about it.
  • Product Manager - To lead and remove obstacles for my team to create product or services that deliver value to the users.

Research & Feedback on Your Odyssey Plan

Now once you had created 3 odyssey plans, start by researching and gathering feedback on your odyssey plan by doing the following:

  • Searching 10 different job descriptions of the job in both overseas and your country. - This allows you to indirectly give you a gut feeling if this is the type of job for you.
  • Attending local meetups & tech conferences - This allows you to gain a perspective & insights by just a face to face conversation with the attendees.
  • Approaching a person with the job title in Linkedin or Facebook for coffee - If you are sincere in your approach. They are willing to have a chat with them. Have a couple of chat with different people. You will gain a perspective on if this is the type of work you would like to do.


While I was going through my military training as an armoured scout.

I always remember the quote "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!".

This had helped me to overcome the various challenges.

That was thrown at me from survival to prisoner of war training that challenges you in both the physical and mental to the tipping point.

Transformation is never an easy task.

Therefore I implore you to dig deep on your "why".

Before you even start your journey based upon the odyssey plan you had chosen.

Lastly, If you have no idea of the path you would like to be.

Do your own research on various developer career paths.

Think on paper to let it flow from you without your phone for about 30 minutes - 1 hour.

You will be amazed at how your mind will flow from just it.

I did that multiple times while I am reflecting on things or thinking about what should I do.