Dealing with Imposter Syndrome & Burnout - Reading Time: 3 Mins


Imposter Syndrome & Burnout is one of the few things that we will encounter while we are in our developer career.

For me, I always assume the worst and afraid that I will be called out as a fraud.

Whenever I take on something that scares the hell out of me with my fair share of crazy ideas and stunts I pull:

  • Getting my Degree and not able to cope with the academic rigour - Feeling of helpless & useless in my studies while hating every single second of my time spent there.
  • Running a Full Marathon without preparation - I was afraid I would die from that experience due to the news about death cases after they had run a full marathon.
  • Building a learning circle on Data Science - Knowing nothing about both community-building or academic knowledge about Data science besides algorithm classes.

I'm pretty sure you had some of your own after beginning working as a developer.

So I hope it could help you to overcome through the sharing of mentors in the JuniorDev SG mentoring programme.

Imposter Syndrome

As this was in a panel discussion during the JuniorDev SG mentoring program.

I will be consolidating it and documenting it down without their names as I don't know how to spell their names beside pronouncing it or remembering their faces.

Yes, I know I will improve my notetaking skills next time.

I believe it is still valuable for any developer that is encountering imposter syndrome to know that you are not alone.

Being in the Deep End

  • I was given a lead developer position and was required to lead a developer team of 11. I was even tasked to impart my knowledge & experience in developer & agile practices within the organisation.
  • I was appointed the CTO in a cybersecurity startup & I know nothing about security. If there were any security incidents on my watch, my company's reputation decreases because of me.
  • I feel I was out of my depth as a first-time entrepreneur during a networking session for the tech incubator I'm in. I was surrounded by a group of people. With an impressive background from those who had graduated from Harvard to accomplished researchers in their field.

Digging Yourself Out of It

So here is their word of advice after having been through the experience of as an imposter.

  • Let it go by not having pride or ego on the line when you know you are out of your depth and ask for help.
  • Don't take yourself seriously but treat yourself that you are a clown that you will trip and fumble while learning the rope to do it well.
  • Look on your past success and don't discredit about yourself as you are chosen by people because they believe in you that you can do it.
  • Find your depth & continue to learn what you don't know.
  • Comparing yourself what you had accomplished today than yesterday instead of comparing it with others.
  • Enhance your capability consistently and acknowledge that there are good times and bad in your capability


Brecht a Senior Developer from Red Airship shares with us the symptoms & remedies on Burnout.

I feel that by knowing & finding ways to reduce these stress can help you in your relationships & mental wellbeing.


  • Loss of Something
  • Not able to find sense in day to day progress
  • Powerlessness
  • Repetitive process-driven activities
  • Lack of healthy humane relationships
  • Feeling uselessness
  • Lack of recognition
  • Perpetually in a negative situation

Possible Remedies

  • Spending time in nature
  • Exercising
  • Doing activities with your hands
  • Learn something new
  • Unplug and talk to real people
  • Doing nothing
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Putting yourself in positive situations


I hope this was article useful for you to help you deal with the issues of being burn out or imposter syndrome.

This serves to help in documenting the final session of the JuniorDev SG mentoring program for our first batch.

We the organisers are considering having another round next year. I would announce it once it has been confirmed on the actual dates.

Lastly, Please do seek through counselling services if you are unable to cope with it on an individual level.