First Week Programming Effectively Using Pomodoro Technique

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” By Zig Ziglar

Have you ever felt like your overwhelmed by the never ending amount of task in your todo list. Be it shipping new features, product launch, learning a new technology, fixing bugs and just kicking ass

While not getting side track by other distractions from whatsapp, slack, meetings, facebook to keep yourself in the zone? Plus taking a break every once awhile to recharge yourself.

While i had been working in Microsec for about 7 months, i always find it hard to allocate my time and to do things well that is part of my todo list..

Recently i stumbled across a simple and super easy time management technique call "Pomodoro Technique" in a book that i was previously reading called "Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual" By John Sommez 

It's so easy that i took a spin on it for a week by integrating it with existing time management skills or techniques that i pick up over the years. So here's what i had did in the past 1 week.

  • Install a Pomodoro Timer & Todo List App - There's a ton of pomodoro apps i used Pomodone to help me in tracking time spend on a task and Any.Do to record my todo list.

  • Create a todo list - A pomodoro time is 25 minutes.  So break your tasks down into smaller tasks so that you can get it done by 1 - 3 pomodoro time.

  • Pick a task for your Top 3 Most Important Task - It gives you the confidence to tackle your other 2 most important task of the day. Taking breaks - After each pomodoro time do take a short break of 5 mins and after 4 pomodoro time you must take a break of 15 - 30 mins break to recharge yourself. 

  • Limit to 10 Pomodoro Time (5 Hours) Daily - Despite it is ** only 5 hours** worth of focused work, you will find yourself  either your super tired or pump up for more. Do note that your sanity and performance will decline as you take up more than 10 pomo times in a single day.

Remember life is a marathon not a sprint, being consistent with the practice in having 10 pomo time daily.  

Can lead you to get things done without feeling stressed and feeling guilty of not putting enough time on the tasks. Take a spin and let me know how i was it.

Pomodoro Technique



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