3 Tips To Chart Your Own Software Development Career

“You cannot change your destination overnight. You can change your direction.” By Jim Rohn

Finding Your Own Path

It recently came upon to me that there is a lot of people who wants to be part of the software development industry but doesn't know where or how to chart their own path to do work as a Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist, Here are 3 tips on how to forge your own software development career.

Figuring Out Your Why?

Asking yourself honestly the WHYs to uncover your core reasons on why do you want to develop software allows you to become self aware of yourself. Which make it easier for you to plot your own career as a software developer. I would recommend to watch the TED talk video from Simon Sinek "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"

For me the core reasons is my own curiosity to solve problems with limited resources with just an idea. Which allowed me to spread this mindset to people's lives by teaching computer programming to kids, volunteering in youth entrepreneurship organisations and technology communities.

Seek Advice & Test It Out

Seeking advice allows you to avoid common pitfalls as a software developer and testing those advices out in the real world. Allows you to absorb those advices and judge your own suitability in doing the work you envision yourself to do.

I learnt to seek & test out advices from technical books, youtube tutorials, chatting with people on the different specialisations. Even interning for a tech startup and working as a online video pitch facilitator to gain knowledge and insight into the startup world.

Building Your Soft Skills

Building software might seem to be a job for a introvert. In reality it's actually a professional team sport or Navy Seals team that requires one's ability to collaborate and  persuade with others with diverse backgrounds or cross specialisations in different technology, industry or role.

Building up those soft skills could be teaching what you know to people. listening to podcasts like "The Jordan Harbinger Show" or reading books from Daniel Goleman or "How to Win Friends or Influence People" By Dale Carnegie. With the sole aim to become a better communicator & influencing people to get things done as a individual, as a team or just  preparing yourself for technical leadership position like a tech lead or project manager.

How Leaders Inspire Action - Simon Sinek


The Jordan Harbinger Show


Help Young Talents Develop Professional Mindset by Daniel Goleman 


How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie