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Thinking On Paper - Reading Time: 4 Mins

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📅 January 10, 2020

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I personally believe that everyone should have a journal and pen with them to help them in remembering things in conversations.

The reason that I brought along a journal was for me is to jot down notes was when I was in school or work so that it allows me to remember better.

Because I learnt in an article that suggested taking notes helps a person to remember better compared to typing and recording it down.

So I was playing around with multiple ways in recording information like by using apps like Evernote or just recording a conversation.

Which can be a pain to go through when you are trying to dig out nuggets of gold from that conversation. Which ended up in me to fall back on my trusty journal that I carry it around with me.


I think the act of taking notes and thinking through on a subject actually forces you in a very primitive level to listen to a person or just spending time to think and reflect.

Which eliminates the distraction that is ever present in our highly connected world.

With this breathing room, this allows you to run wild and be in the zone.

To tackle a problem, design something, reflect on what had happened to you, jotting down memories of the emotions one feels while in the moment in thinking back in time.

I remember while I was visiting Glasgow's Necropolis while browsing tons of tombstone, I felt a sense of peace and serenity.

To write it down by promising myself to live my life to the fullest and be willing to step out of my own comfort zone in this short amount of time I had left on earth.

Blank Canvas

Having a pen and paper actually forces you to be creative. As you are not limited in thinking due to technical line or angles by design software that is in place to get the golden ratio of a particular UI or design.

Instead, you are free to scribble out and test out on a particular design or solution if it can work.

To discuss with another person or just silent contemplation. It could also be that you are the type.

Who prefers to talk to yourself in a quiet corner to think through on a particular solution or goal without the handcuffs we encounter during a software design or goal-setting process.

I learnt from Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglr, Neapolean Hill to set goals. One should always seek to think on paper as it draws from within yourself. Untapped thinking power to allow you to think about the opportunities that life has to offer you to make the best you can be.

Pen & A Journal Does Not Die on You

I believe having a pen and paper beside you speaking it directly to your phone or smart speaker. Offers you the quickest way to take notes or by jotting down when inspiration or idea comes to you.

Which allows you to reflect and think of those ideas or inspirations to turn your thoughts or inspiration into your own gold mine mint directly from your own mind.

Besides this breaks one's dependence on our smartphones or tablets or many gadgets under the sun to record information. Since we do not have to worry about not being able to jot down our notes when the need arises due your battery has gone flat.

This is actually one of the reasons that I have an automatic watch as it allows me to be self-reliant without the need to depend on my smartphone to tell the time. When I truly know that I had arrived early for meetings or appointments when my smartphone battery has gone flat.


Besides having a friend to be there and bouncing ideas across from one another. The act of writing it down in a journal helps in formulating your thinking and thoughts.

I had made numerous life decisions, career paths and ideas to work on through my own silent contemplation and just self talk to myself.

By writing it down on paper and asking myself questions if this idea works that I could stand behind on or it's a bad idea that I must drop it without diving deeper on it.


*Brian Tracy

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