Should i Be Moving To GitLab? - Read Time: 3 Mins

What? Microsoft Brought Github?

If you had been living under the rock or hasn't read or heard about it. Github has been brought over by Microsoft for $7.5 Billion. GIthub is a company which hosts software projects that uses a version control called Git.

Ranging from software developers who has their own side projects to professional development teams that uses github to store their source code.

So what's the commotion about the recent increase of software developers moving their projects from Github to GitLab. There's actually 2 main reasons which i believe  a lot of developers is afraid of and moving towards GitLab in doves.

Open Source Hatred Towards Microsoft

Due to the popularity of GitHub among the development community.

Many open source software has moved their projects into GitHub but with the recent purchase by Microsoft. 

It has raise the deep seated hatred of Microsoft among open source development because of Microsoft's long history towards the open source software community.

Which till this day still ruffle a few feathers among developers both young and old who has a interest with open source technology.

GitHub Goes Bad?

The other reason for why people would move to GitLab in doves. What we're worried that Microsoft might use GitHub for is to mine data. grab new technologies and integration of Microsoft's related technology to Github.

Which makes it useless for developers in the interest of profit, developers and technology.

Plus Microsoft has a history of  buying innovative companies and manages it in a way that result that hampers  innovation of these companies.

You can look at Skype as a classic case example which till this day has not been gaining attention for innovation or use of it.

So Should I Move to GitLab?

Ok ok i know your waiting for my answer after reading for so long.

To me specifically i would say depends as i won't actually be moving my existing projects to GitLab. Unless there's a need but definitely i would create new private projects under GitLab.

For full disclosure i had actually been working with GItLab for awhile now in the startup i'm working in now. 

I find GitLab has a lot of awesome features that is useful for software development when you had compared it with my previous experience with Jenkins that i used during university. It's actually a much better experience and seamless integration for software development .

Especially the issue board which is a upgraded trello board for project management. The continuous Integration tool which saves a lot of time and effort for running tests or checking the status of a project manually.

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