My Thoughts on Scaled Agile Delivery Framework

Everyone is Key

Last week on thursday, i went for a ThoughtWorks event called "Scaled Agile Delivery Framework" by Joanne Molesky who's the co-author of the book "Lean Enterprise". The whole talk was geared towards everyone involved in shipping software.

They range from the management team at the top who deals with daily operations and business aspects of the company. In the middle, the delivery management teams which handles project management of software projects of customers.

Lastly at the bottom, delivery teams which consist of software developers to ship software onto the hands of the customer.  

Operating as One   

During the whole talk, it constantly reminds me of how people who are involved to ship software. Should follow on how military units around the world operate like Marines or Navy Seals.

With simple to understand general consensus of principles, ethos, practices and measuring performance to operate on a organisation, management and team level.

Due to the nature of war, it's chaotic and ugly that requires on the fly decision making process without sufficient information. 

For example the ethos that is famous among US Marines are "Every Marine is a Rifleman" which signify what it is to be a Marine. 

With these inplace it allows teams or organisations to make independent and fluid decision making process that focus on achieving a overall objective

In our case, the objective was shipping software onto the customer's hands as fast as possible and gather feedback to continuously improve the software.

Adapt Things But Never be a Cult

To end off what i took back with me from the event was to integrate agile practices to team or organization's on what works for you. Never follow the practices to the point of religious dogma or cult

Instead the key is to be flexible to take in agile practices that works for your team or organisation. With the overall objective in delivering software to your customer as fast as possible to further improve the experience of the software. 

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