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Lesson Learnt From Simple Programmer's Blog Course - 2 Mins

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📅 June 09, 2019

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One of the questions I encountered for my readers of the blog in the meetup I help out in.

It will be "how do they go along to start their own technical blog and what should they write about in the blog".

After reading the book "Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual" by John Sommez.

That was about one year ago, which now I had recently completed my 2nd attempt of the blog post course from Simple Programmer by John Sommez.

Which could help in addressing a bunch of my problems in writing articles so here are some my lesson that I had to learn in the blog course that had helped me a lot and applied on a personal basis.

Writer's Block

Finding interesting topics to write is hard. My "process" was the age-old use of my gut feeling.

Whenever I stumble across interesting articles, podcast, videos while surfing the internet during my free time.

Which inspires me to write my own articles based upon what I had gotten from it.

Now I learnt to build a list of topics to make my life easier to blog about.

Niching Your Blog

The blogging course had taught me on niching my blog for specific readers of my content this leads me to the topic Startup, Web Development & Python.

Till this day, I had written articles like my Building Restful API With Flask, Postman & PyTest series and the Tips for Junior Developers Heading To Startups

Gaining Traffic For Your Blog

My first attempt in the course to gain traffic for my blog. I learnt to find awesome blogs that are interesting to me to comment on their blog.

The advice leads me to create an account in Dev Community to comment on articles.

That is really cool & interesting like The 2019 React Developer RoadMap or I'm Joseph Jacks, founder and general partner of OSS Capital, ask me anything!

Now I think it's much better to spend my time on the Dev Community but waste my time surfing facebook.


I hope it could inspire you to launch your blogging journey or to improve your blogging skills.

To become a better developer, communicator and build your own personal brand to command a higher salary while writing articles that you are passionate about.

How I wish that I had encountered a step by step guide to starting your own technical blog.

When I was starting out before I had created my blog to reduce the number of mistakes I had encountered.

I take home the mindset of building a technical blog to help me to become a better developer.


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