Forming Your Own Network of Advisers - Reading Time: 4 Mins


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I'm sure there will be times that you will ask yourself. With doubts, fear and uncertainty coming across your mind in the present and the gloomy future you will have.

Especially in times like this reading, listening or watching the news. Can be detrimental to your own mental wellbeing. With the added burden of being cooped up in your own home without anything to do. Can be both liberating or frustrating for some that lead you to think of things from your little voice like.

  • What should I do moving forward?
  • How should I solve it?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • I hate myself
  • I do not have the time to do it.
  • It is hard and painful for me to do it.
  • I want to give up.
  • I wish someone can come and help me get out of it.
  • I hate X, we should do Y.
  • The world is going to hell.
  • I need some alcohol to take the stress and ease off.

Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

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I'm lying if being surrounded by like-minded individuals has not helped a lot in my own mental well being. I believe I would have been in a different place, being gloomy, negative and fearful of the future that may hold.

Without these individuals that are grounded, who wants the best of you to operate on a higher standard, doing something positive out of these tough times we are going through.

Therefore I hope you will focus on seeking out a group who is focused on operating on a higher standard as an individual and a group. To forge yourself in your own mind, body & spirit for the good of yourself and the society.

Which individuals like David Goggins & Jocko Willink are those individuals who might come to my mind. When operating on a higher standard and taking ownership of the situations that you have gotten yourself into.

Every Leader is a Reader

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As the years go by, I found that most of my wisdom comes from the books I read that enriches my mind and the situations I put myself in. I really love the quote of "Every Leader is a Reader" in The Leader's Bookshelf. Which explains the importance of books has for leaders. That is a treasure trove that allows you to mine gold. From an unlimited gold mine to face any given situation, through the lens of people past and present.

Even in this age where answers can be obtained from the internet with ease through Google, Youtube or podcasts. It does not address the thinking, perspective & voice behind these answers & the gaps we do not know.

I believe books and your personal network will be the thing you will rely on. Besides being anti-fragile and a self-sufficient individual. Books help a lot when you are unable to find individuals. Who can help you to explore specific topics that can be useful for yourself to become a better version of yourself? Be it your career, financial, physical health, spiritual or family and friends.

Letting Go and Learn to Ask for Help.

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I find this is the thing I don't do it often. Which I think moving forward I have to be open to asking for help when I really need it. It might be that I prefer to be self-reliant to figure it out. It could be my pride, fear of rejection, fear of being ridiculed or looking stupid for not knowing something. That might be seen as common sense or 2nd nature to the person you are asking.

Even as a person who is giving advice or helping someone. I'm sure as hell has some tendency to impose my will. Which I found that it can be harmful to the relationship with the person you are building rapport with. So I will usually be tactful in my approach and asking questions. When dealing with people who I don't really know well.

Despite these feeling of uselessness that comes to you. I would still ask you to seek help from your family, friends, professional network, your following and other support systems. It helps you to address the gaps that come with it.

Sometimes the people you ask for help, may not have the right answer or advice but they have friends who could help you. Never underestimate the power of your network that requires constant investment in your part to maintain & deepen the relationships you have now.


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These are the various options in forming your own network of advisors to help in you all areas of life. I do hope that this will be useful for you in creating your own network of advisers.

Which can help you to provide a positive change to yourself and the society in the impact you make informing and rolling out with the group of advisors you have.

Which I had learnt the importance to operate and become a better version of myself. So that I can be able to provide value to the people around me and my followers when I write this.