3 Books To Read Before Joining a Startup - 2 Mins


I have always been a reader of books constantly consuming books in the bucket load. With aim to help me be better in my craft as a software developer and to add value for startup & technology community as whole.

These 3 books are what i considered a primer for developers who's interested to select a startup to work for or would like to better understand the startup community as a whole before taking the leap of faith into the startup world.  

Zero To One By Peter Thiel 

It's really philosophical in nature that Peter Thiel encourages startups to focus on solving real world problems instead of just being a copycat. 

The entrepreneur encourage startups to focus on building monopolies that is either 2 or 10 times better than what the existing product or services is offering to the marketplace.

The Art of Start 2.0 By Guy Kawasaki  

Guy Kawasaki is currently the chief evangelist of Canva an online design tool. He was previously part of Apple as the "Software Evangelist" that evangelist Macintosh software to developers for better productivity. 

The book has chock full of actionable advices that is practical for developers looking to select a startup to work for or if you have any plans in building one in the future as an tech entrepreneur.

Creative Inc by Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace

Let's face it culture is important either when your working for a startup, selecting one or helping to build it. Your actions will shape the culture of the startup directly or indirectly. 

Creative Inc is awesome book that talks about building and fostering the creative culture of a company that values creativity, learning and risk taking that build products or services that focus on the inner working of Pixar that created the Toy Story series. 


Either working in a startup or planning to work in a startup. These books are a awesome addition to help you.

In understanding what kind of a startup you should join or help to improve the culture of the startup your working for. To make it a awesome working enviroment for creative professionals like you.

Lastly there's a YouTube video called "Startup School" by Y Combinator one of the world's top startup incubator in the world. Do take some time it's worth the weight in gold.

Startup School Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup By Y Combinator


Zero to One By Peter Thiel


Creativity Inc By Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace


Art of Start 2.0 By Guy Kawasaki